Partner with Auxilium to complete a business purchase.

We look to partner with an experienced Managing Director level executive (or equivalent) to search for and complete a deal, investing in the business alongside the executive.

We look to buy a business from the existing shareholders (often on their retirement but not exclusively).

We will search for the target, structure the deal, negotiate the terms, arrange funding and take the transaction through to completion.

Post purchase, the new Managing Director will drive the future growth along with support from us as Non Executives.

We have access to capital/funding from a variety of sources including High Net Worth individuals, challenger banks, loan platforms and private equity.

We would love to hear from business owners with realistic value expectations who would like to see their “baby” carried on in safe hands. We can guarantee to preserve and protect your legacy by retaining the staff and the current site and post-deal, build on the business you have developed to date. In other words, “business as usual”.

If you are a business owner who is experiencing a disappointing or frustrating sale process, we can provide a realistic and commercial solution involving a capable and experienced management team.

If you are a capable Managing Director, with an appetite for running your own venture with capital to invest and a positive attitude to taking some calculated risk in the process, we would be very pleased to talk to you.


Paul Griffiths, Director – 07802 716996 /