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Buyout Candidates

Buyout Candidates

If you would like to effect a management buy-in or buyout, then we are keen to work with you.

We can approach the existing owners; agree deal price and structure; introduce relevant funders and legal partners and support you throughout the process to effect a successful transaction. Scenarios include management buyins; buying out fellow shareholders; undertaking the share purchase of a retiring owner/founder’s stake or, the carve out of a subsidiary from a group structure. 

We have a good flow of deals across the UK in diverse sectors.

Our contacts with accountants, corporate financiers, brokers and the PE/VC community are very strong and generate a good supply of quality businesses looking for some form of buyout transaction. At the same time, we are continually in touch with owners of private companies where there is likely to be a change of ownership in the near future.

We work tirelessly alongside a senior management candidate to source a target company and subsequently effect a purchase, whether full or partial. These deals typically require a capital injection of personal funds (typically £200,000+ or possibly less if it’s a private equity backed deal) to ensure a successful transaction takes place.

We can work with you to effect the full process from deal origination through to transaction completion or alternatively, we can introduce you to our private equity/HNW investor contacts who will lead the transaction.

Our fees are rolled into the buy side transaction costs (and will typically form part of the funding we will achieve for you to complete the transaction). We shall be pleased to forward a copy of our draft engagement letter.  

If you are a senior management candidate looking to effect a transaction, we would be keen to explore how we can support you. For more information, please call Paul Griffiths, Managing Director on 07802 716996.